Minnie Winnie’s Obituary


August 18, 2013 by lesleybowen

With great sadness I want to let you know that Minnie Winnie passed away this morning. The vet helped her along around 9 o’clock. Ginger the dachshund was there for moral support (and her check up), while Zip stayed in the car.

As I told a friend last night, I felt like our last final gift to our pet was more like my last final betrayal to Minnie Winnie. After all, she was a very tough little Jack Russell, and a Jack is never supposed to die unless killed accidentally when chasing a car.
A Jack isn’t supposed to get cancer either, but Minnie Winnie did. Last September an ultrasound revealed that Minnie Winnie had a mass in her colon, mostly likely intestinal lymphoma. Her vet gave us the option of surgery. Thanks to her sponsor, we pursued that route knowing that procedure could give MInnie Winnie up to six months of quality time to roll her basketball around the backyard and bark.
Shortly after her surgery, MInnie Winnie endured a bad reaction from her chemo. I thought she would die then. Some of you received an email from me asking for your prayers for Minnie Winnie. I asked the vet if we shouldn’t go ahead then and euthanize her. No, he said, give her a chance. She wasn’t in any pain. Thanks to those prayers and the vet saying “give her another day,” Minnie Winnie enjoyed another 11 months of quality time!!
This morning the vet did not say give her more time. Instead he said thanked me for letting her go today rather than later. We only had a downhill slope based on certain indications her body gave us. She never lost the sparkle in her eyes even after she died, She simply was tired.
Any doubt I might’ve had was replaced with relief when Minnie Winnie died as I held her close and told her how much I loved her. Now I’m just very sad that she’s gone, but relieved that I could let her go when I desperately wanted to hang on to her.
Minnie Winnie lived with me six or seven of her 14-plus years, having been left tied to the gate of animal control in Mt. Sterling. A person there contacted me about taking her. I never regretted that and encourage any of you to consider adopting an older rescue. If the animal is anything like Minnie Winnie, you will have found a treasure.Photo on 2013-08-12 at 21.39

2 thoughts on “Minnie Winnie’s Obituary

  1. Jackie Hale says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing Minnie Winnie and she was a jewel. She loved Lesley so much! She had a wonderful life, after Lesley rescued her. She will be greatly missed.

  2. fmitchell07 says:

    Dog’s best friend …

    They know they can trust you and that you will look out for them. It takes great strength to do what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to do it.

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